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Artemisia 'Oriental Limelight'

This terrific new form of Artemisia ('Janlim' PBR) vulgaris came from northern Japan where it was discovered in cultivation by Richard Harnett of Kernock Park Plants.

It has beautifully marked foliage and is a hardy herbaceous plant, though it will stay evergreen in a mild, sheltered spot.

It doesn't flop about as much as the other recent discovery Artemisia vulgaris 'Cragg Barber-Eye' which is also a nice plant but this gets top marks and is one of the outstanding introductions for 1999 and featured on the back page of Issue 14 of PLANTS.

Will seed and bec ome a bit of a nuisance in a well drained sunny spot ....

Now widely distributed through many worldwide territories in the 21st century.

Updated 20th November 2000

Dirk van der Werff

PHOTO COPYRIGHT Dirk van der Werff

Posted: 18 August 1998
Last modified: 13 May 2007


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