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Helleborus 'Red Silver'

PLANTS cover star in Issue 29 was Helleborus foetidus 'Red Silver' which has its origins in Eugene, Oregon USA.

Nursery owner Ernie O'Byrne wrote to tell me about this fabulous new plant:

"Of course I am very partial, but my favourite Hellebore selection is our own, H. foetidus 'Red Silver'.
It is characterised by very narrow, slightly toothed foliage with a silvery sheen and red petioles.

The flowers almost always have a large band of red on the distal end (bottom), and this particular form grows to about 30 inches.

We believe that it is a hybrid between a variety from Will McLewin, 'Sopron', with narrow silvery leaves (though not as silvery as in the new offspring) and H. 'Wester Flisk' which has the beautiful red petioles (stems) on the leaves and the red tips on the flowers.

The original 'Red Silver' was a self-sown seedling in the garden.

Seedling offspring are remarkably similar to one another in leaf shape and color, but perhaps the degree of red on the flower varies".

Ernie does NOT do mail order of seed or plants, but Greer Gardens and Gossler Farms sell this variety in the US in small numbers.

Ernie tells me that seed set recently was small - typical ... just when it's time to be a star!


PHOTO COPYRIGHT Ernie O'Byrne NorthWest Garden Nursery 2002

Posted: 4 April 2004
Last modified: 13 May 2007


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