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Daphne 'Briggs Moonlight'

A wonderful, wonderful sport off Daphne x burkwoodii 'Somerset' found among a batch of cuttings at the world famous Briggs Nursery in Olympia, Washington State.

There has, in the past, been a gold-edged sport off 'Somerset' and it is sold in a few countries with particularly wide distribution in the UK - but never before such an extraordinary dark-green edged creamy-yellow sport.

'Moonlight' shines in any situation and prefers a well drained position with no extremes of shade or heat and has the usual very fragrant flowers.

Available via Briggs Nursery as wholesale liners ONLY for the nursery trade, enthusiasts will have to track down a specialist nursery in the US / Canada, UK, Europe or the Southern Hemisphere who may have very small stocks at the moment.

'Briggs Moonlight' is a protected variety and cannot be propagated commercially without a licence.

Launched in small numbers commercially in the UK in 2002.

UPDATED 17th November 2002

Dirk van der Werff


Posted: 15 June 1998
Last modified: 25 April 2007


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